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It’s all about the connection between you and your soulmate and how awesome you are together. Whether we are on a mountain top, in the comfort of your home, or among your friends and family as you exchange vows and tie the knot, I am committed to creating an heirloom so you can remember the important milestones like it was yesterday, forever. If you’re all about love, adventures and making art along the way, then let’s go out for coffee or a brew and chat!

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sedona elopement
It’s not about the pose, but the moments in between.

What if I told you not a single one of these gorgeous couples throughout this entire website has any professional modeling experience whatsoever?

Roughly eight out of ten clients will warn me, “Just so you know, we’re awkward in front of the camera!” And I’m like, “Psh!” When working with a professional photographer, you should never have to worry about whether or not you’re “photogenic” or know what poses to be in. Being in front of the camera should feel nothing less than ordinary as you have a blast on your adventure and simply focus on being in love. It’s not about being experienced models, but about capturing the true and honest moments and love and laughter in between.

Trust me.. You’re gonna look gooooood.

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