Travel Story:Los AngelesWinter 2017

Echo Park, Los Angeles

My friend Tony and I went down to LA for a long weekend to visit some of our long lost Seattle friends. We spent our first few hours in the Echo Park neighborhood trying to find this dumb park (pictured below), which is coincidentally called “Echo Park Lake.” Oh yeah. It’s story time alright. Turns out you have to be very specific on the “Lake” bit when Googling for GPS directions.. We ended up quite literally where the Echo Park title is on the map, which happens to be along a stretch of windy, sidewalkless road with some creepy, old respiratory hospital.

Eventually, we came to a large, but mostly empty parking lot that had a few cars with exactly one dude in each.. Just waiting for I don’t know what. So we gave in and called a Lyft. Our savior was a guy dressed as a pirate who claimed to be the leader of the My Little Pony LA Facebook group. So yeah, I guess you can say we encountered our first celebrity.

I’m bummed I didn’t take many photos on this adventure.. I genuinely thought we were about to end up at some majestic park that would blow it out of the water. Lesson learned. Anyway, here’s the REAL Echo Park Lake:

echo park lake laecho park lake herschel backpack echo park lake la ducks

I was really not 100% sure I was going to make it out of this situation alive. Duck on the left was really not pleased by my presence.

echo park lake laguy drinking beer on stoop echo park lausing funny snapchat filter selfie

Ostrich Farm

I haven’t been this pleased with food while traveling in a loooong time. This little farm to table gem in Echo Park rivaled Stateside for my favorite breakfast items of all time. Yes, there was avocado toast. Yes, I took a picture of it because that is all I do. Ostrich Farm is an incredibly charming must-visit if you’re ever in the area. And the best part? If your wait is longer than expected, they bring you free mimosas.

ostrich farm echo park la ostrich farm echo park french toast ostrich farm echo park avocado toast

I have no idea who this little lady is, but she was just way too cool. She came out of the restaurant and sat in the sun for about 15 minutes all by herself watching videos on her gold iPhone with her matching top and shoes. I have no idea where she got her styling skills from, but she’s destined for greatness.


I’m going to gloss right over the fact we watched the Seahawks get crushed in a Culver City brewery and skip straight to Venice. Just forget about the playoffs and look at this hearse.

Tony met these tiny Seahawk fans at the beach and played a game. The kid in the Nike sweatshirt totally pocket sanded another kid after he scored a touchdown and it was brutal, but also kind of awesome.

*A day passes and we end up back here in Venice again, this time at Tyson and Alex’s house*

The Meany sisters were my shopping hosts for the afternoon!

Standing in confetti and lollipops, feeling as though I missed something really awesome the night before.

I picked up a Canon 35mm f/1.4 II before I came down since I totally busted our old 35mm. I was so eager to test it out on some portraits! Alex and Audrey Meany were kind enough to put up with me while I played a little bit. I almost forgot how beautiful sunny days looked in camera.

venice beach portrait photographervenice beach portrait photographervenice beach portrait photographer venice beach portrait photographer