Lifestyle:Royal Riviera Pear TartBaking + food styling at Anna's

Ever since I can remember, my grandpa has made sure I have Royal Riviera Pears from Harry and David every Christmas. When I was a little girl, we would sit together and eat them slice by slice. They are so juicy and delicious that it’s un-freaking-real! But there is a very small window between when they are ripe and too ripe. This can make it difficult to finish an entire box without some going to waste. So this year, I took them straight to my friend Anna and we made a Royal Riviera Pear Tart!

harry and david royal riviera pears in a basket in fall winterAnna lives next door to Jed and has quite a bit of history baking. What really brought us together, aside from the fact I kept running into her in the yard, was that she also happens to be interested in food photography too. So every so often, we’ll get together, play around with some recipes, and make some feel good art.

This time we spent the afternoon at her place, which has some seriously stunning window light and charm. I legitimately left her apartment feeling ultra inspired to do a little rearranging of my own (and I totally did)!

And of course, since it’s Anna and she loves cooking, she made killer breakfast sandwiches for us with blue cheese, egg, avocado, mushrooms and onions. The other AWESOME part about this day was that she had Sun Liquor‘s limited edition aged eggnog. Since I was working the day they went on sale, I missed the opportunity to get my own. It’s probably for the best though. This stuff was so good, I would probably be taking it via IV drip until the new year.overhead top down breakfast sandwiches and eggnog

And then we spent the remainder of the afternoon slicing pears and drinking way, way too much coffee. We arranged the pear slices all pretty and Anna topped with sugar and fig jam. Hands down one of the best tarts I’d ever had. And now that I’ve watched her make it, I can go home and totally fail at baking my own.

girl looking at a recipe bookharry and david royal riveria pear pastry tartharry and david royal riveria pear pastry