Travel Story:Vancouver, B.C. AdventureSummer 2016

Jed and I started our weekend up in Ferndale photographing a Friday morning wedding together (Jonathan and Chelsea’s to be exact). Since we were going to be so close to the Canadian border, we decided to pay Vancouver, B.C. a visit. We usually aim to stay at the Rosedale on Robson downtown since it’s affiliated with Jed’s timeshare, AND they always stick us on the 19th floor. We had some really killer views the first time we went, but I was NOT emotionally prepared for the west facing balcony they gave us this time. Seriously, I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

We try to make it up at least once a summer, and I swear each visit to Vancouver is more fun than the last. We indulged on some of the most amazing food and cocktails I’ve ever had, and even went on a biking adventure around Stanley Park. Jed and I have just been so busy this summer between weddings, work and side projects that this was some much needed, uninterrupted time together. I even almost slept in all weekend!


He told me he wanted to drink whiskey on the balcony like a boss. He did


Our breathtaking view from the balcony.


The guy at the liquor store informed us they didn’t carry our favorite, Bulleit Rye, but recommended we give Forty Creek a whirl. Oh man, it was SO sweet – really not my cup of.. whiskey. But we spent many lovely summer evenings on this balcony (okay, 3 nights to be exact) with our new frienemy until the very last drop. See you never, Forty Creek.


If you ever visit Vancouver, make sure you have breakfast at Medina Cafe. If you don’t, you’re doing it wrong. While I’d probably say Stateside in Seattle is my favorite breakfast in the entire world, Medina comes as a close, close second. I don’t know what kind of sorcery they’re putting into their waffles and sauces, but we like it! These guys can take some very simple ingredients and make absolute masterpieces out of them. Even their avocado toast blew me away.

IMG_7665 IMG_7666

Dark chocolate lavender, salted caramel and white chocolate pistachio rosewater sauces for your waffles. And that’s not even close to the full list of options these guys give you! Seriously, whose idea was this??


 I didn’t know I needed salsa on my avocado toast before, but now I suuuuure do.


We got the La Santé during our first visit to Medina two years ago, and just had to get it again this time as well! Jed and I are HUGE fans of cheese and charcuterie boards in general and the La Santé has been responsible for inspiring us to bring them into our breakfast rituals as well. Except we do more like a “BACON MOUNTAIN” thing where it’s just a Lincoln Log cabin of bacon instead of fancy meats. (Speaking of bacon, pictured blurry style in the background: Medina’s CRAZY awesome house  bacon)

Biking Stanley Park

This was a 10/10 little side adventure and it only cost us $28 CAD altogether! We rented a bikes off Georgia St and ride that sucker around Stanley Park’s beautiful seawall. On a 90 degree day, the sea breeze in your face is life-altering.


At the beginning of the trail, you’re met with this spectacular view of the harbor and the Vancouver skyline.


On the west side of the park, there are a TON of cairns stacked all over the place. For some reason I just get so pumped when I see a bunch of cairns in one place, even if I’m not the greatest at balancing rocks on top of one another myself (or balancing in general). Jed always forgets what they’re called, so whenever we come across them he just starts yelling, “KARENNNN? IS THAT YOU?” in an old man voice.


The Blind Sparrow was recommended to us by the lady that worked at the bike rental spot for their “adorable blue mugs”, so of course we had to go. I had a Moscow Mule and it was the most refreshing thing ever after a 2 mile walk and an 8 mile bike ride.

Breakfast on the Balcony

While incomparable to our late night McDonald’s Dinner we had up there the night before, La Petit Belge around the corner from our hotel had some crazy takeout breakfast options, including these brie, walnut and honey savory waffles. God I love brie.


Keefer Bar

Keefer Bar is basically Platform Nine and Three Quarters of Vancouver, I swear. We walked around all over the place trying to find it on Sunday with nothing more than a screenshot of a Google Map. Turns out our map was slightly off, and we were one street up the entire time. But it was worth the wandering, because my Li Li Fizz even came with FIRE and wonderful smells. One of, if not the best cocktails I had in Van.

I’d really love to go back to this bar because it was just so cool. It kind of reminded me of a dingy dive, but with far more charm and with way more creativity in the mixology department. Their bathrooms were lit by purple X-Rays, I mean come on. Awesome.


Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

AKA The best sandwich I’ve ever put in my mouth? We almost didn’t stay the extra day and boy am I glad we did, because otherwise I may not have gotten an opportunity to try Finch’s! We’d been told all sorts of good things from our friends, but it wasn’t high up on our list. My pear, prosciutto, blue brie (BLUE. BRIE. YOU. GUYS.) and walnut sandwich was the best sandwich to have ever graced my taste buds, and that’s saying a lot.

IMG_7730 IMG_7727 IMG_7728

Mini Balcony Session with Jed

Oh yeah, and then I had a mini session with Jed on our balcony! I needed some new photos for my ‘about me’ page since it had been aaaaages since I’ve had an updated photo of myself (I try to hide from the camera). And… just wow. I’m over the moon for this man and what a beautiful eye he has for photography. It is such an honor and a pleasure being able to share an art form I hold so dearly with a man I love so deeply.

IMG_9883 IMG_9858 IMG_9996IMG_9969

And then one last one of me doing the maniac dance for good measure.