A Year In Review – 2017

A Year In Review – 2017

It has been a while since I’ve actually written a personal, public journal. If you totally don’t care, don’t worry.. There are pictures if you keep scrolling. But in any case, I used to blog every adventure I went on, but somewhere along the way I got distracted by life and just sort of stopped sharing altogether. Honestly? I was just having waaaay too much fun to even think about sitting still and smashing my keyboard with hipsterisms about how beautiful life is. But yeah, I’m gonna do that now…

If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t just have to live for the weekend. Every single day can be made into something. Celebrate constantly. You will never long for the nights you went to bed early or the mornings you slept in. So be everywhere you possibly can all the time (within reason, of course).  You never know where or who it will lead you to.

The road to that mentality really started for me last February when I went on a trip to Sedona, AZ with a group of wedding photographers I had met on the wedding photography Reddit. Normally I don’t do well on my own in a group of strangers, but this time I forced myself to go outside my comfort zone for once and just go. My life wasn’t really going the way I wanted it to and I felt a little stuck, so I was like, “Suck. It. Up. Buy a plane ticket and see what happens. Maybe you get murdered, whatever.”

Well.. So. Not only did I make it back in one piece, but I discovered that we weren’t such strangers after all. Being able to relate to a group of people from all over the world on something I was so passionate about actually turned out to be one of the most powerful feelings of belonging I have ever experienced. Not to mention I’d never seen anything as beautiful as Sedona before. I came out of that trip feeling absolutely rejuvenated and with a whole new perspective on life and what I wanted to make of myself. PS – You can read all about the Sedona adventure here.

cairns in sedona az

Just days after my return from Sedona, a long-term relationship I had been in unexpectedly came to an end. It was the first time I have ever felt strong in the event of a would-be emotional crisis. I was zen as fuck after doing something completely new and so far out of my routine. It made me realize that it’s better to just start doing instead of always saying, “Someday…” So I got right to work on making 2017 the best damn year of my life. And that’s exactly what it was. I lived more life in 2017 than I had in the last five years combined.

So here are some of my favorite documented memories (excluding all the grand but blurry iPhone shots). They might not be my favorite photos of the year but they are what made 2017, 2017.

Visiting long time friends from Seattle who had all moved to LA over the years

man jumping over crack in sedonaRising early, even though it hurt so baaaad, to have Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, AZ all to ourselves

A refreshing, last minute trip to Whistler on a total whim, which was my first of two

Relaxing girl’s trip to a cabin on Orcas Island

Marshmallows and mimosas at Lake 22 for Emil’s and my 4th roommate-iversary

Getting back into longboarding and spending more time in the sun

lummi island whatcom chief ferryTaking the Lummi Island ferry for Dani and Andrew’s elopement (May) and all 16 of the incredible weddings I got to be a part of and document in the best year of my entire career.

Dancing through the woods with Danny and Jameson on my very first backpacking trip, even if it was a short one

Getting a drone and gaining a whole new perspective

Having Fridays off work with my roommate all summer, and getting to play outside together every week

Hiking Tolmie Peak (covered in sweat and bug spray) with an awesome group during peak wildflower season

Staying in an Airstream on this little farm in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Canoeing, camping and hiking around Banff National Park

Pushing myself harder physically than ever before in Fryatt Valley, Jasper National Park

Bringing this freaking goat with me everywhere I went all summer long

When Seattle was engulfed in smoke for weeks

Wading through Oneonta Gorge just hours before it went up in flames

Meeting these two

Waking up at 3AM to photograph the “sunrise” at a foggy Mt. Baker

Friendsgiving in Mel and Lee’s new home

Unexpectedly getting to see Painted Hills

Driving and driving around Oregon all weekend and spending the last day of 2017 at Smith Rock

Writing up this blog post has made me realize there are too many memories in 2017 that were not photographed. That said, I guess my official resolution for 2018 is to start bringing my camera around everywhere again like I used to. Suck it up and take a snapshot of every adventure. Just because it seems insignificant at the time doesn’t mean it won’t be important to me later.

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