Horror Movie Themed Engagement | Kendra + Chris

When Kendra and Chris first told me they wanted a horror movie themed engagement shoot, I wasn’t sure where to begin. From the beginning of their relationship, watching horror movies together became the go-to way of spending quality time. Kendra tells me Chris is never scared but thoroughly enjoys watching her get freaked out and laughing at her reactions. Since slashers have played huge role in their relationship, they wanted to incorporate them into their engagement shoot.

Their idea was to have a friend dress up as Michael Myers, pop out of the woods and chase them down. My whimsical, candid style does not mesh well with a murderous Michael, or so I didn’t think. It was a very exciting challenge to devise a plan that married whimsy to spooky.

In my original plan, they were all going to play Twister together but apparently it’s hard to track it down these days. However, they did bring a bottle of champagne. I figured, “Maybe they brought champagne but forgot the glasses and Michael happens to have three. Then they all get drunk and merry.” Thus, a hilarious slasher narrative was born.

It was also important that Kendra and Chris also had a few serious, romantic photos, but ultimately they just want to make people laugh!

horror movie themed engagement
horror movie themed engagementhorror movie themed engagementhorror movie themed engagementhorror movie themed engagementhorror movie themed engagement
horror movie themed engagement

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