Intimate Wedding at Rainier Club and Gold Bar Private Party | Neha + Taylor

Neha and Taylor had a beautiful intimate wedding at Rainier Club in downtown Seattle. It was just the beginning of their many celebrations in various forms. I must say, their family was incredibly kind and hospitable. From chatting with grandpa on the first day to being welcomed back by the adults on the second day, I couldn't have been happier! They were a warm and inviting group, and I'm so thankful for being invited to be part of these amazing days.

Intimate Wedding at Rainier Club

This wedding held extra significance because, like many weddings in recent years, it brought together Neha and Taylor's family members who hadn't seen each other since the pandemic started. It was a special occasion where they could finally reunite and embrace their loved ones, making it a truly memorable day to capture.

Following their initial wedding, Neha and Taylor had a larger religious celebration in April. Although I didn't attend the ceremony, I had the opportunity to capture stunning photos of Neha and Taylor in their attire at Washington Park Arboretum. Afterward, we headed to their wedding reception at the Marian Built Loft in Ballard.

Gold Bar Private Party

However, my absolute favorite part of their wedding was the After Party at Gold Bar in South Lake Union. While it has since moved to a new location on Capitol Hill, Neha and Taylor's after party took place in Gold Bar's exclusive event space. The space featured a small bar and had a fun vibe reminiscent of a pop-up selfie museum. I had an amazing time running around and photographing their guests in the various unique areas.

Due to space limitations, I've only shared the highlights from this three-part celebration in this blog post. If you're considering renting these venues and would like to see more photos to get a better sense of what to expect, feel free to reach out! In the meantime, you can browse the photos below.