winter snowshoe adventure elopement at gold creek pond

Snowshoe Adventure Elopement at Gold Creek Pond | Cevon + Tom

Words cannot even express how lucky we got with Cevon and Tom's snowshoe adventure elopement at Gold Creek Pond. This was the first adventure elopement I planned, photographed and officiated, which was a core memory in an of itself. However, snowy adventures can always be incredibly unpredictable and can require a lot of resiliency for everyone involved. This is especially true when wedding clothes are involved.

Gold Creek Pond is located in Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. Cevon and Tom's snowshoe wedding happened to fall on the one gorgeous, sunny day our Washington mountains had experienced in several weeks. Since their day followed a series of snowstorms, we were gifted with dreamy, snow-covered evergreens on an icy, blue sky backdrop. In the ski world, we call this a "blue bird powder day," and believe me when I say they are RARE.

Nevertheless, we endured some pretty chilly temperatures and an unexpectedly long trek to Gold Creek Pond. Although they usually plow all the way to the trailhead, the road was unexpectedly snowy and impassable by vehicle. Sunny days also ironically mean colder temperatures, so the extra walk seemed like a doozy. Fortunately I brought a couple of extra puffy layers, gloves and traction boots for Cevon and Tom to use, and the 1.5 mile snowshoe adventure to the pond got our blood pumping. And once we arrived at their stunning, snowy mountain backdrop, we all celebrated and were so glad we powered through. And as you'll see in the photos, it was all SO worth it.

Check out the Reel!

How to elope in the snow

Gear list:

  • Layers, layers, layers! Assuming temperatures are anywhere near the 30s, you will absolutely want to bring GLOVES, heavy wool socks, an insulated jacket, and an additional warm layer just in case (e.g. a puffy jacket). Tom's biggest pain point were his cold hands, but fortunately I found a second pair of gloves in my bag and was able to give him my others. Cevon also wore warm tights under her dress.
  • Waterproof shell jackets/rain coats and an umbrella if temperatures will be higher than ~28 degrees Farenheit. Warm snow is wet snow!
  • Something to help tie your dress up while you walk. Cevon needed to carry hers in her hands so she didn't snag it on the spikey parts of her snowshoes.
  • Snowshoes, or at the very least microspikes for your shoes. There are some trails where the snow is packed down enough, but when it comes to finding the perfect, secluded spot to say "I do" away from all the other hikers, snowshoes will come in handy for powering through that untracked, deeper terrain. Snowshoes will also assist you in moving faster. And no, they don't necessarily need to be fancy, expensive ones for a shorter trek. These snoeshoes from Amazon will suffice. If you prefer to go the microspike route, these ones will work just fine. I am a firm believer in crappy, Amazon microspikes.
  • Leg gaiters (optional): These will help keep the snow out of your shoes (and YES, it does get in there!), therefore keeping your feet warmer and making your trek less miserable. We did not use gaiters, but boy did I wish I brought mine.
  • Trekking poles (optional). These will help you balance and therefore move quicker. Ski poles will also work just fine. However we did not use poles for this adventure because our hands were full with accessory boxes. Some Amazon snowshoe kits come with trekking poles.
  • A backpack for your ceremony goodies. We used a box to carry their paperwork, rings, a change of shoes etc., but it would have probably been a lot more convenient to carry it all a backpack.

More snowy winter advice to keep you from being miserable on your wedding day

  • Always check for avalanche safety warnings on NWAC if you'll be passing through steeper areas that may slide. Gold Creek Pond is a flat walk trek NOT an avalanche zone.
  • Understand what the forecast is telling you. If the humidity level appears high, it generally means fog and therefore poor visibility as the distance goes. This will affect the view at your ceremony spot, and you may want to opt to get married and take pictures inside the forest instead so your photos have a bit more contrast and depth. I like to check NOAA for my snow forecasts.
  • If it will be snowing, temperatures higher than 28 degrees Fahrenheit may be an indicator that it will be WET. Bring waterproof rain shells and umbrellas so your hair doesn't get messed up on the way to your wedding destination.
washington snow elopement photographer
washington snow elopement photographer

Hi, I'm Jacquelyn! I'm a Washington wedding photographer and AIARE 1 certified backcountry skier. I ski once a month year round (yes, there IS snow up there!) and always encourage people to adventure on their wedding day. Not only are the pictures epic, but the memories are even better. If you think you'd like to go on a guided snowshoe adventure or ski tour for your elopement or couple's session, shawty I can take you there, photograph you, and officiate!



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