Michelle + David’s Jewish Mystique Ranch Wedding

A Jewish Mystique Ranch wedding is a unique experience, to say the least. When Michelle and David told me they would be having their wedding on a yak farm in Issaquah, I was not sure what to expect. I was trying to wrap my head around the fact there was a castle, but that it was also a yak farm. Needless to say, it exceeded expectations.

Michelle and David’s celebration was a traditional Jewish wedding with American traditions sprinkled about. If you have never attended a Jewish wedding before, I cross my fingers that you get to at some point. There is more love and energy than at any other kind of party. We began with a typical American first look by the castle followed by their¬†Tish in the garden and signing of the Ketubah. Then came their beautiful ceremony in the yard next to the yaks and an emotional but lively reception. My favorite part of the night? Glad you asked. When the whole gang was doing the Hora, and suddenly the bass dropped into a dubstep version. I about died.

If you’re wedding venue hunting, I include a little blurb about how wonderful Mystique Ranch is as a wedding venue at the end of this blog. Spoiler alert: It’s affordable. From a fellow wedding vendor standpoint, there is a lot to love about this venue as a wedding location, as well as the way they conduct business.


Why You Should Also Have A Mystique Ranch Wedding

A castle, friendly yaks, and a lovely garden. Here is why I appreciate Mystique Ranch as a wedding venue, and why you should too.

First and foremost, they are fully transparent about their pricing and features online. And not just on their website, but on their homepage. Getting a hold of wedding vendor pricing is often both complicated and time consuming for clients. I have always been an advocate of being up front and not wasting anyone’s time. My pricing is what it is, and so is your budget! That said, I always appreciate fellow vendors who follow the same philosophy.

Mystique Ranch perfectly marries rustic, medieval and garden style in a way that can fit just about any vision. At the entrance to the venue, there is a castle with stunning masonry, a draw bridge, and water features that would perfectly fit a Game of Thrones themed wedding vibe.

Another major feature the ranch is well known for is that it’s home to a family of yaks! How many people can say they got married on a yak farm? Even better, yaks are not the only animals on the farm. Mystique Ranch has a devoted truck that takes its guests around to feed and visit the animals. If you’re an animal lover, this is the place to be.

Last but not least, the reception venue itself is home to a garden patio and a large, brightly lit room perfect for a large wedding. Its gorgeous greenery and floral vine trellises are so beautiful, I could cry.

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