Amie + Michelle’s Sole Repair Shop Wedding

As a long time resident of Capitol Hill, I have been eagerly waiting for another Sole Repair Shop Wedding opportunity. Amie and Michelle’s wedding was not an ordinary, traditional one. It began with an inflatable pink unicorn costume first look and ended with an complete animal menagerie.

During their ceremony, Amie and Michelle’s officiant told the tale of how they met, which was ultimately by complete accident! They lived in opposite Carolinas (one in the North, one in the South), but thanks to Tinder’s poor GPS skills, matched anyway. After a hilarious first date story, they remained together through the distance until moving to Florida together. And then across the country here to Seattle. And in Seattle, they built a life together and met quite the vibrant group of friends!

The amount of personality and expression this wedding had is quite frankly incredible. Rather than a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, Amie and Michelle just wanted to throw a fantastic party to celebrate their marriage instead. After a hysterical unicorn costume first look, we spent the afternoon roaming around Capitol Hill’s most personality rich sights from the rainbow crosswalks to Unicorn Bar. They tied the knot at beautiful Sole Repair Shop surrounded by all their closest family and friends, we ate sliders served by Quinn’s, and then the real party started.

Next thing I knew a girl was roaming around dealing stick-on mustaches and people suddenly were wearing colorful wigs. Glow stick jewelry started appearing, and then large cardboard cut outs of Amie and Michelle’s heads! But the real icing on the cake? When a long line of people dressed as animals came barreling down the stairs, spilling onto the dance floor. This wedding both highlighted Amie and Michelle’s personalities perfectly, as well as Capitol Hill’s.

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Venue: Sole Repair Shop  |  Amie’s Suit: Nickermann’s Boutique Tailors (Bangkok, Thailand)  |  Amie’s Shoes/Bow Tie: Amazon  |  Michelle’s Dress: I Do Bridal  |  Michelle’s Shoes: Badgely Mischka  |  Unicorn Suit: Amazon  |  Rings: Green Lake Jewelry Works, Avant Garde Jewelers  |  Florals: Pike Place Flowers  |  Donuts: Top Pot Doughnuts  |  Catering: Quinn’s Pub  |  Wedding Backdrop: Amazon,  |  Koozie: Totally Wedding Koozies  |  Hair: Michelle’s: Sam at Helix Salon, Amie’s: Felix and Rudy’s Barbershop on Pine

Jacquelyn Portolese

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Jacquelyn! I am a Seattle based wedding photographer specializing in honest, unposed storytelling for the wildly in love. I want to turn your milestones into masterpieces through truly touching imagery.