Washington Treehouse Wedding at Treehouse Point | Danica and Shamus

I am obsessed with this Washington treehouse wedding at Treehouse Point, and honestly every wedding I get to shoot here. I photographed an intimate winter wedding here a few years ago, and I was so excited to come back in the summer time for Danica and Shamus.

Getting Married at Treehouse Point

If you are looking for the best treehouse wedding venue in the Pacific Northwest, Treehouse Point is it. Whether you are having a micro wedding or a traditional wedding, you and your guests can party the night away and stay the night, because it is also a treehouse hotel.

How much does a Treehouse Point wedding cost?

According to an article by Here Comes The Guide that was updated in November 2022, pricing depends on the day and time of year. People can expect to pay around $4,200 for an elopement or $9,500 for a wedding. Capacity wise, you can have up to 80 guests outdoors, and 40 if your wedding will be strictly indoors.

Treehouse Point had added a few new additions since I had seen it last, including an entirely new treehouse and a fancy new railing for their iconic house, which is pictured just below. Since it is in a forest and therefore semi covered area, it is is the perfect location year round regardless of weather if you are looking for a quintessential Pacific Northwest style wedding that you can share intimately together or with a group of your family and friends.